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Why Mobzilla.pro?

There are many reasons to become a Mobilla.pro affiliate:

- Our goal: monetize 100% of your inventory
- Approving almost all sites, even with small traffic volume
- No malware guarantee in our ADs
- Wide range of payment methods to choose
- Highest publisher revshare rate – 80%
- Real-time online reporting of your activity and earnings
- Dedicated personal customer service and support


What Ad formats do you have?

We have the following ad formats:




Is there any statistics on the platform?

Yes, we there is! You can view your daily/weekly/monthly earnings, clicks and average CPC. You can filter your statistics by sites, advertisement type, traffic type.


What traffic do you accept?

We accept any type of traffic from all countries, except incent and fraudulent traffic.


Can Mobzilla.pro monetize my international traffic?

We aim to monetize all your mobile traffic and ensure you receive maximum possible profit from all your websites. You can easily monetize 100% of your entire inventory.


What do you pay for?

It depends on ad type, please read information on specific ad format description page.


Why I don’t see any data in the statistics?

If you don’t see data - this means that you did not places code snippet to your website. Please check if you did that correctly. Reach out to our Support Team if you need further assistance!


How much revenue will I generate?

Publishers participate on a revenue share model where they receive 90% of the revenue generated by their inventory.

For more clarifications please see spacific ad format page.


What is the minimum payout?

To request a payout you have to reach a minimum amount on your balance.

The minimum amounts are:

Wire Transfer - 1000$;

“PayPal” ,“ePayments”,Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium - 50$


Are payment requests created automatically?

The requests in our system are created manually from the “Payment” tab by clicking “Request Payment” button. Prior to do that you need to select your payment method in the Profile settings.


How do I know that you have created the request for me?

After the payment request is fulfilled - you will receive an e-mail with the payment status and details.


How soon will I get paid?

All payments are processed at the next day after request. We don’t proceed payments while weekends and holidays.


How can I add a payment method?

You can add your payment method in the tab “My Profile” - there is a Payment method selection available.


Where can I get a referral link?

You can get a ferellar link on the “Referral Program” page. It is already generated for you, just share this link with others!

What % will I get from my referral?

You will get 5% of referral’s income.


Where will be displayed my referral?

Your referral will be displayed in the statistics on the “Referral Program” page as soon as he starts to earn money.


If I change my website domain name, do I need to get the new ad codes?

You have to get and install new ad channel tags for each website.

If you have changed your website's domain name then you have to add it to the Sites section and create a new ad channel tag accordingly.


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